COVID-19 and your money: What to do next


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A fraudulent unemployment claim poses little financial risk, but it does mean your personal information has been compromised.  MoneyAdvice@Work® Advisor Kelli Send covers what steps you can take to combat unemployment fraud.

Gain market insights from our investment research team. This group regularly interacts with investment managers and diligently monitors broader economic trends. Tune in for their market update messages.

Witnessing the dramatic market downturn may make your stomach turn, but pause before you make the mistake of selling out of your investments. Consider, instead, some smarter money moves detailed in the latest video from MoneyAdvice@Work®.

Furloughs. Layoffs. Unemployment. The COVID-19 pandemic continues to steer many organizations toward dramatic workforce changes. Join Money Advisors Alex Moen and Jay Voigt as they address pressing questions regarding unemployment, including who qualifies, state-by-state variations, and how to file.

Recorded Thursday, April 30, 2020.

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